Opening a New Website

How to open a new website account using the Instant Publisher:
  1. Start/Open the Instant Publisher
  2. On the start screen, select "Open a new web site" radio button, click Next...
  3. Choose the type of web site that you wish to publish...
    • "Publish a site created with Web Easy software"
      • Select this option if you have created a website using Web Easy site creation software.
    • "Publish a site created with other software"
      • Select this option if you have created a website using another web editor software.
  4. Select a Publishing Plan, click Next...
    • Browse through each tab to view details about the current web hosting plans. (Note: New features are added frequently, so we recommend checking our website for the most up-top-date plan information.)
    • Click 'Compare' to view a feature comparison of all the plans.
    • You should select a plan that will comfortably meet your anticipated needs.
  5. Setup your account password...
    1. Choose a password at least 6 characters, or the sign-up will FAIL.
    2. Select whether you would like to save the password on that computer.
    3. Click Next...
  6. Selecting a domain name
    1. "Purchase a new domain name"
    2. "Use a domain I already own"
  7. Enter your contact information, click Next...
  8. Enter your payment information, click Next...
  9. Review your information
    • Verify the information to be submitted for your new account...
      • If you would like to make any changes, click the Back button to get to the desired page.
    • "Upload Files Now" - This checkbox is selected by default. If you do not want to upload your site content at this time, you can un-check the box to only create a new hosting account.
  10. Click Finish!
    1. Accept terms and conditions
  11. New site information
    1. Your new site has been created and uploaded to the internet.
    2. From this page you can view a Publish Report, view your site online, or contact our customer support team.
    3. To close the publisher, click Finish.

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