[Web Easy] How to change page file names

How to change the page file names in Web Easy

If you don't like the way Web Easy creates the file names of your pages, it provides an interface so you can change it.  For example, this allows you to rename that unfriendly file called "website_002.htm" into something more relevant like "photos.htm".  For instructions on how to do this, you can watch the following video or get view the outlined steps below.

Outlined Steps:
1. Open your website in Web Easy
2. Navigate to the page you would like to rename

Note: You cannot rename the home page. It must be called "index.htm" or "index.html".

3. Go to View -> Inspector to turn on the Inspector window
4. In the Inspector window, select the Properties tab
5. Expand the "Web Page" row (by clicking the (+) sign next to it)
6. Next to "File Name", double-click the value to the right
7. Enter the new file name of the page.

Note: When entering a new name, avoid using spaces or symbols.  Instead use underscores "_" or hyphens "-" .

8. Press OK
9. Navigate to a different page and repeat Steps 6-8.

Once you are done, you will need to save, build, and upload your document to the web to test out the links.

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