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Edit Products in Category

This page is divided into two columns: the column on the right contains all the available products in your store.  The column on the left contains all the products you have assigned to this category.

To Add:
To add, checkmark a product on the right, and press the "Add" button.
  The product will show up on the left.  You can also select all products by pressing the square next to the SKU number on the right.

To Remove:
To remove, checkmark the product on the left, and press the "Remove" button.
  The product will be remove from the list, but will still show up in the list of available products on the right.

To Find:
You can find a product by typing in part of the product name or SKU number in the "Search By" field, and press the “Find” button. You can also change the search criteria if you like.
  To show all of your products again, press the "Show All Products" link on the right.

If the search results contain more than one page of products, you will have additional page numbers that you can click on above your available products.

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