[Web Easy] My links are not working

In order to troubleshoot your links, please go through the sections below.

The link is an anchor

If you type in the link incorrectly in WebEasy, it will create a text anchor instead of a link.  For information on how to remedy this, please preform the following steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Verify the status bar in Internet Explorer is enabled by going to View -> Status bar.
4. Go to your website, and navigate to the page that has the linking problem
5. Put your cursor over the link, and examine the address in the status bar, as shown below:

If the address in the status bar ends in #pagename, the link is an anchor, which means the link is dead.  This typically happens if you type in the name of link instead of manually selecting it.  Because of this, you will need to remove the link, and re-add it in WebEasy.  For information on how to link pages, please visit the following link:

How to link between pages

Overlapping items are causing links not to work

If you have textboxes or images overlapping other textboxes or images, WebEasy may make these items one big image.  The result of this, WebEasy may remove the links that are associated with the items.  For information on how to fix this, please click on the following link:

The text and graphics are jumbled together

Try building with Dynamic HTML

If you build your website with Simple HTML, you may want to try and build it with Dynamic HTML.  You can do this by opening your website in WebEasy, and go to Build -> Website (HTML).  From there, make sure Dynamic HTML is selected and press OK.  Once that is done, upload the changes to your website.

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