Managing Your Counter

By default your counter will start at 0.  If you have a business, or some other need, you may want to adjust this number to something more appropriate.  To edit your counter, please preform the following steps:

1. On your computer, press Start -> Run
2. Type in "explorer.exe" (without the quotes)

Note: For, you will need to enter the name and extension of your website.

3. Press Ok
4. When prompted, enter your username and password for your hosting account

5. Press Log On
6. This will open a FTP window, double-click the httpdocs folder

Note: If you do not see the httpdocs folder, double-click the wwwroot folder.

7. Right-click on the counter file, select Copy

Note: The counter file will have a .ctr extension at the end of the file name of the targeted page.  For example, if you installed the counter on the Index page, the counter file would be called Index.htm.ctr.

8. Minimize the current window

9. Right-click on your desktop, select Paste
10. Right-click on the counter file on your desktop, select Open With -> Choose Program...

11. Select Notepad from the list of programs, press OK
12. Enter the desired counter number
13. When you are done, press File -> Save
14. Press File -> Exit
15. Right-click the counter file on your desktop, select Copy
16. Restore your FTP window (See Step 6)

17. From the menu bar, select Edit -> Paste
18. Press Yes when prompted to replace the existing file

This should upload the new counter number to your website.

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