Setup Shipping Methods - UPS

In order to use UPS as a shipping method, you will need to setup an account with them, and then configure the e-Store.  Please following the steps below to do this

Creating a UPS Account

Click the UPS logo below to setup an account

Or call: 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877)

Setup a UPS Account in the e-Store

1. Log into your e-Store Control Panel
2. Select the Settings tab
3. Select Shipping from the category bar to the left
4. In the Shipping window, press the UPS Settings button in the lower right-hand corner

5. Enter your UPS Account number as shown in the fields below:

6. Press the Save Changes button
7. Press the Get UPS License button
8. Read the UPS license agreement, press the I Agree button
9. Fill out the UPS Settings / License Application form
10. Press the Submit button

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